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Drees & Sommer is the largest construction project management consulting firm in Germany. We are famous for our highly professional services that brought several projects of high importance to a successful finishing, especially in the areas of pharma and biotech production plants and R+D labs. Our services in China bring our German quality approach and professional working experience to the local market. For the project management and site supervision of pharmaceutical facility and clean room construction projects, we are looking for a promising candidate. Come and join our international team and widen your personal experience!
迪索工程咨詢(上海)有限公司是德國較大的建筑項目管理咨詢公司,我們以高質量專業的服務而聞名,并在城市的多個領域各類項目上獲得成功,如醫藥和生物制藥工廠及實驗室和研發中心等。 我們將德國的質量標準和專業經驗帶到中國市場。在醫藥設施和潔凈室建設項目及施工管理方面,我們正在尋找一個有潛力的候選人。快來加入我們的國際團隊,拓寬您的個人經驗!


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